Thursday, August 29, 2013

Urban Chic Sherri Hill 7330 is now on sale!!

At  Fiesta Prom we keep the sales and savings coming to you every day! Today we will be talking about Sherri Hill 7330, a gorgeous gem of a dress!

Sherri Hill Dress in style 7330 is many things. It's earthy. It's fluid . It's visually beautiful . It's also sophisticated while urbanized at the same time! 7330 can be worn to the beach or to a social event--it has a special duality that many people wish their dresses all had! The print is a lively Paisley style print featuring a slightly colorful garden.The bodice of this loose fitting dress gathers tightly together with the companionship of shoulder straps that are heavily embellished with shimmering dark colored brown/orange gemstones.
The lower part of the dress comes down as a beautiful long train!

This dress is so sophisticated yet earthy at the same time that it defies sooo many odds and deserves a place in every woman's wardrobe!! Originally for $398, we at Fiesta Prom have gone through great lengths to make this more affordable to the everyday woman and we have reduced the price significantly to only $199!! Wow! A price like that for  Sherri Hill 7330 can't be beat! You can purchase this lovely piece here:

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Flirty and Pretty Sherri Hill 1043 Dress on Sale! Don't Miss Out!


Hello from! We are having a major sale on many gorgeous designer dresses! So let's talk about one of these beauties--Sherri Hill 1043!

Sherri Hill 1043  is the cutest thing! It's fluffy and fun with the petticoat and the waistband is a collection of a jewels on a gorgeous piece of embroidery that  encircles from the front to the back!  Sherri Hill 1043 is flirty, bouncy and very classy all at the same time. You can twirl and feel like a real live doll in this dress! We have seriously reduced the price for this gown so that you can have the best for less!!

We currently have them in the wonderful colors of Yellow, Purple, Lilac, White, Ivory, Pink , Red , Black, Aqua and Royal !   Our normal price for Sherri Hill 1043 is $350--but now we have it on sale for ONLY $150!! It's an amazing saving!! Click on this link here to choose your size and color for 1043 before we are completely sold out !

Happy Shopping ! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Introducing the Sizzling, Gorgeous Sherri Hill 21081 Dress!!

We have officially gone live! Welcome everyone to's Daily Blog! Right now we are having major sales on selections of our dresses. Also, you will get 10% off any 2013 Prom Dress if you mention that you saw us on here! Now let's dive straight into the fun!!-- Here at Fiesta Prom we are dedicated to providing you with a rewarding and wonderful shopping experience! We also do the best that we can to make your Fantasy Dress come into reality! We carry Designer Brands such as Sherri Hill, Jovani, Mori Lee , Tony Bowls and more!! Need sequins? We've got you covered! Gemstones? We've got it covered! Hi-Low Dresses? We've got it covered! Mermaid Style? We've got it covered!! Today was an incredibly busy day for us as we have been getting in new shipments of even newer Sherri Hill 2013 dresses! Sherri Hill is a leading maker of the best dresses that are always in high demand! Allow us at Fiesta Prom to introduce you to a new addition to the Fiesta Prom Family--Sherri Hill  21081!!!

This gown is pure heaven on earth!! It's a long length gown in a nude/neutral color that sparkles with its many, many huge gemstone decorations! There is a thigh-high slit on the side that makes your body look even more amazing--and the material is so light and fluid that it will float behind you when you walk like a beautiful train ! Oh my goodness. Many people will hold their breathe in awe when they see you walk in wearing #21081!! Featured here is the wonderful color combination of Nude/Royal!!

We've been around for the past 30 years and we plan to stay! Having our finger on the pulse of all of the newest trends and greatest styles is our trade ! We eagerly look forward to blogging to you all about our many sales and many new arrivals!! Please visit us on our official website to purchase lovely dresses . Follow us on Twitter at .Also you can add us on Facebook to get up-to-date statuses on our newest editions and It Gowns of the Day!! --]]>

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Sherri Hill 1586 ! A Stunning Hi-Lo Dress for your special occasion!

Hello all! At Fiesta Prom We carry Sherri Hill Dresses, Jovani Dresses, Tony Bowls Dresses, Mori Lee Dresses, La Femme Dresses, Dave and Johnny Dresses, Terani Dresses and more! We will work hard to unite you with your perfect dress for less!

Gladiator-Esque Sherri Hill 2900!
 Based in New York we proudly ship worldwide so that everyone can benefit from our amazing sales events! We are authorized retailers for Sherri Hill, Jovani, Tony Bowls, Mori Lee, La Femme, Dave and Johnnys , Terani, Blush Prom as well as many other special occasion dress brands that we carry in stock! So yes, all of the dresses we sell are new, genuine , authentic designer dresses! You can also contact the companies such as Sherri Hill, or go to their website and you will see that Fiesta Prom IS an authorized retailer of all of their merchandise!

Jovani 4276 is totally glammed up with sparkling sequins!
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