Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tony Bowls Le Gala Hi-Low Extravagant Gown Style 113510 --What a Treat!

Tony Bowls creates some of the most gorgeous , exclusive gowns around! Tony Bowls specifically caters to the Pageant Crowd, which is why every piece that he makes is an extravagant, gorgeous work of art! So of course Tony Bowls Le Gala 113510 is a stunning piece!

The eyes will go straight to you when you step out in this Tony Bowls extravagant gown! You will look like you spared no expense to look fabulous and that you're not afraid to show off your sexy legs too!! The bodice is in a sweet heart cut and is heavily embellished with perfect sized gemstones that exaggerates all the parts that you WANT people to see!

From the bodice down the gown gathers up in many rich, beautiful ruffles that cascade down all the way to your toes! The Hi-Lo features kicks in around the mid-thigh area so that your lovely legs get to be shown off to the world! It's the most beautiful, most glamorous gown to be seen in! The colors are vibrant, the look is so fresh! When you wear Tony Bowls 113510, you show the world that you a confident, strong, beautiful woman and you know it! It's a dress that makes a bold statement in all the right ways!

We have few sizes available as this was a very popular item that many , many people have purchased in the past few months. So get this lovely Tony Bowls Dress while it is in stock! Go ahead, buy it--you deserve it!

You can purchase the dress here:!prettyPhoto

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