Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sherri Hill 1435 is the Ultimate Gemstone Wonder!!

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Now onto the discussion of one of our most stunning pieces in our lovely clothing boutique--Sherri Hill 1435! It's a beauty , fitted and glitters like a diamond!!

You will come to life in this long, shimmering sequin embedded Sherri Hill 1435 gown. It catches the light at every angle and is well fitted to exaggerate a gorgeous hour glass figure! You can actually see the gravely hard work and extreme detail that was put into every sequin and every gemstone!! The bodice is so fitted and gives you an hourglass figure in perfect form!

The gemstones are carved into an intricate shattered glass look and are evenly distributed in all of the right places on this gown! The long train explodes gloriously with many ,many gorgeous gemstones! The train is so long and elegant that it makes you feel like royalty when you wear it! Every piece of this lovely garment was made by the Sherri Hill Team with extra care and with you in mind!

We currently carry this gem of a gown in the limitless color of White/Silver!
You can purchase this beauty here :!prettyPhoto


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